I care about your health.

I'm here to help you take it back, and keep it.

A No Bullshit Approach To Your Health

From Fat to Fit

This is my journey from fat to fit, from sick to healthy, from concussion lead depression to joy. It was not easy. But, I made a choice to fully live instead of simply existing. I changed my mindset and my eating behavior. And now I want to share.

Social media shares my path as a person who decided to take his health back. I went from fat, tired, sick, unmotivated, and gave myself 8 years to live in 2016.

Not anymore! I took my life back and cannot wait to rise to each and every challenge and opportunity.

Now I cannot wait to help as many people as possible to wake up and embrace each day with energy and excitement.

Health Coaching - Shane McCardle

Health Coaching

Are you are looking to achieve a level of health in your life however you feel like there is no hope or you don’t know how to get started? One where you are free to explore, feel comfortable in your own skin, and feel empowered through your choices and personal knowledge to tackle anything put in front of you, contact me. I will talk to you straight and get you the tools you need to take your life back faster than you ever thought possible!

Public Speaking - Shane McCardle

Public Speaking

It’s no longer about knowing what to do but it is about unlocking the secret for you to reach your goals. Leave knowing how to find the power to follow through with your commitment. Learn tools to immediately start improving your health. I understand that change, even for the better, can be scary. I use simple methods and a clear cut plan for you to realize an immediate path to taking your health back.

Lifestyle Balancing - Shane McCardle

Lifestyle Balancing

It's my mission to get you off the path you're on and onto the path of kicking ass in life. If you're already there then you'll be kicking more. What is your Why?  Where do you want to get to? The people I work with no longer simply exist, they are thriving in life. From personal goal setting, with weekly check-in’s, our casual meetings are designed to keep you on the path you want. Helping you is why I get out of bed in the morning – seeing you achieve your dreams is how I achieve my own.